About Bakara


 Zadie & Bakara Illustration by Autumn Whitehurst

Zadie & Bakara
Illustration by Autumn Whitehurst

Bakara Wintner is a tarot reader, dog mom, girlboss, writer and owner of Everyday Magic. In her few short years reading tarot, she has gained a reputation as an innately gifted intuitive and reader. Her dynamic and no-nonsense reading style has earned her a vast client base and recognition from Nylon, Refinery 29, Urban Outfitters and Stone Fox Bride.

After graduating Emerson College with an MFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing, Bakara went on to study with and then and co-faciliate the Brooklyn Fools, a six-month, experiential training of the Tarot’s Major Arcana and now teaches individual and group intensives. Trained in Core Energetics therapy and a graduate of Delphi University’s In-Depth Channeling program, she pulls across modalities and schools of thought to inform and supplement her readings.

Since opening Everyday Magic—an intentional lifestyle shop carrying crystals, tarot cards and ritual objects—Bakara has established herself and her space as a cornerstone of Durham’s healing community, where she lives with her pit mix Zadie Killer.