An intentional lifestyle store online + in Durham, NC


Everyday Magic is a retail space and online store offering intentionally made goods created by witchy girl bosses (and some boy bosses) from around the world. Carrying a selection of home goods, skin care, accessories and healing objects, our commitment is to beautiful, ethical, and mindfully made objects for your home, body and spirit.

Founded in 2016, EM is owned and operated by Bakara Wintner. A tarot card reader and healer for over 3 years, she believes in the connection between the depth of a person's healing work and the quality of their sacred space. Hailing from a chaotic home herself, she knows that people are less likely to thrive in toxic, unconscious environments.

Established to assist others in creating internal and external spaces that are gorgeous, in integrity, and tailored to their intentions, EM proudly showcases a curation of exquisite products made by amazing people.