"I was amazed by Bakara's skill and deep intuition in doing a tarot reading for me. She addressed so many areas of my life that I needed clarity and direction around. I left, not only feeling very "seen" by her, but with some clear sense of actions I needed to take in my life."
          Marcia Gleason, Founder of Exceptional Marriage

"Bakara is a light, a treasure. Her dedication to spirit and intuition makes you trust and believe in her instantaneously. She encourages you to follow and listen to your own intuition making your readings personal and experiential. It is a true gift to have met her. I believe she is an instrument of the heavens."
          Miles Johnson, life coach and business owner

"Bakara's readings are literally life-changing. For the skeptic (which I was for a long time), her readings are a revelation. For the Tarot-lover, they are everything you could hope for. It is remarkable and inspiring to watch someone with such an obvious gift devote herself to this level of mystical and spiritual communication." 
          Kate Scelsa, Author

"Bakara's gifts are divinely ordained. She opens to guidance with courage, trust and clarity. Her readings are infused with her great intellect, her creativity, her directness and her beautiful spirit. She is, without a doubt, an intuitive and a mystic. A reading with Bakara is my favorite gift to give to those I love"
          Sherri Brown, Core Energetics Therapist